Royal Oak visits 2006

with thanks to Agnes for the photos and captions

Pat & Norman Billyard  onboard the Council launch. Norman lost his uncle who was also called Norman  Billyard. Sunday 23rd July 2006  at 2pm.

Wednesday 23rd August 2006  the Eldridge family came to say happy 100th birthday to Roger Ashley who  survived the sinking of HMS Royal Oak, Roger's ashes were scattered by the  family in the early 90s.

Margaret Thorn on the right  and her son Simon on the left, went out to the HMS Royal Oak site to pay their  respects to William Harry Mansfield on Sunday the 9th of September at 2pm. They  are shown either side of Royal British Legion Kirkwall Branch committee member  Donnie Sutherland.

Julie & Peter Bisson at  the Royal Oak emblem at Orkney Harbours offices on August 26th. They  both visited the wreck site at 2pm that same day, where they paid their  respects to Julie's uncle Dennis George  Patch.

Lucy and Paul Reynolds with  dad at Scapa Pier on April 25th 2006 when they went out to the HMS Royal Oak  site to scatter the ashes of Lucy's grandmother, Barbara Mary Ackerman,  Barbara's brother was lost on HMS Royal Oak his name was William Savage.

Graham West, Sheila West  & dad on Scapa Pier before visiting the Royal Oak

site to visit her father's  ship, Charles Benney was buried in Lyness Cemetery

when his body was located.  June 10th 2006 10am.

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